For many consumers, a new aircraft represents one of the largest purchases you'll ever make. Financing an aircraft can make your dream of aircraft ownership a reality by fitting the purchase into your budget. Even if you have the means to purchase an aircraft without financing, attractive rate options and possible tax advantages of ownership make financing a great tool for buyers wishing to keep your cash where it can work the hardest.


 If you do intend to finance your new aircraft, there are a variety of financing programs available for your unique purchasing scenario. With terms for new and used, and private or commercial-use aircraft from piston-single up to turbine buyers, you can find loan options to fit your needs. It will be good to research a variety of options available and consult the aircraft finance experts for the best rates and terms to meet your aircraft needs and budget.
Parade of Planes partnered with AirFleet Capital as our finance experts of choice because their exclusive focus on the aviation industry makes them the most knowledgeable source to assist aircraft consumers. With years of experience, AirFleet makes the process straightforward and takes care of the details related to coordinating and purchasing an aircraft. Furthermore, AirFleet Capital's expertise makes them the trusted finance resource behind a few of the top aircraft manufacturer's private label financing.
Representatives from AirFleet Capital can reached any time for consultations and pre-qualifications at 800.390.4324 or online at