Insuring a new aircraft is, in many ways, similar to insuring anything you value. You'll need to consider shielding your investment from accidental damage or damage caused by an act of nature and your assets from liability. Additionally, you'll want to provide insurance to protect passengers and assets on the ground. However, if you're new to aviation insurance, what you may not fully understand is the importance of the first contact when you finally decide to get quotes for a particular aircraft purchase.


At Parade of Planes, our goal is to arm consumers with access to the expert resources and knowledge needed to make educated purchase decisions. Thus we've partnered with the AOPA Insurance Agency because of their in-depth knowledge of the various aircraft, their understanding and assessment of the risks and their ability to provide the most competitive insurance policies for aircraft owners (and renters).


 The AOPA Insurance Agency is the largest light aircraft insurance provider in the aviation industry with over 17 years of experience. Parade of Planes selected the AOPA Insurance Agency as the Buyer's Resource for consumers because they are aviation insurance specialists. Plain and simple - the AOPA Insurance Agency does one thing and they do it flawlessly. If you want the best quote, best service, best value - start with the experts. While you're at it, ask about other AOPA insurance products for aviators like life, auto, AD&D; insurance and more.


Dedicated representatives from the AOPA Insurance Agency offer real-time quotes. Feel free to contact them anytime at 800.622.2672 or contact any time for a quote or consultation. Visit today.