The decision to purchase an aircraft is a life-altering one. As an aircraft owner, you’ll have access to a lifestyle that many only dream of or frankly can’t even imagine. Suddenly your world becomes a smaller, more colorful, more exciting place. Soon you and your family and friends will be taking adventures and forging memories of a lifetime. FLYING  is an extraordinary experience that truly is available to anyone who has a passion to slip the surly bond.
However, if you own a business or investments that require travel, owning an aircraft provides access to an invaluable resource. In fact, even the IRS recognizes the role that general aviation plays in economic development in the United States and has created a provision for business owners who use aircraft for business purposes. Always consult an aviation tax consultant  who understands both the tax law and general aviation. Your corporate accountant or CPA may understand tax law, but the FAA imposes limitations on how you own, operate, and charge your business. Consequently you’ll need someone familiar with how to blend the two regulatory areas of law to avoid – well unpleasant consequences.
Parade of Planes selected Advocate Consulting Legal Group, PLLC as the definitive resource for consumers to contact with tax questions. Like, finance and insurance resources, a variety of tax advisors claim to be able to guide the new aircraft owner through the IRS code to explain legality. Advocate clients benefit from working with a CPA attorney team that limits their practice to aviation issues.
Specialists from Advocate Consulting Legal Group, PLLC can be reached at 888.325.1942 any time for consultations. Visit today to see if your business can qualify for and benefit from the tax advantages of owning an aircraft.