For most pilots, the day you purchase your first aircraft will be another significant aviation milestone. However, for many pilots, it doesn't end there. The nature of aviation is that there is always another aircraft that pilots aspire to own. Whether your ultimate desire is an aircraft that flies faster, has greater range, carries more fun stuff or even has more seats to accommodate a growing family or thriving business, owning an aircraft invariably sets you on a path to owning your "next" aircraft.

When that day comes, you'll likely want to enlist the support of an aircraft broker to help you expedite the sale of your current aircraft at its maximum value so you can get airborne in your new bird more quickly. Parade of Planes selected Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales as the source we recommend as your contact when the time comes to sell your current aircraft and select its replacement. Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales, also a Regional Supercenter specializing in Cirrus Certified aircraft, has a keen understanding of the secondary market. Their ability to analyze and decipher used aircraft market trends ensures that they will be able to competitively price your aircraft for the quickest sale at its maximum retail price. Whether you're in the market for an Light Sport or a business jet, Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales is your friend in the business.
The professionals at Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales can reached at 888.566.3686 any time for consultations. Visit today to discover for yourself why Lone Mountain is the pinnacle of aircraft brokerage firms.