The idea of sharing the cost of ownership with partners isn't new. The problem has always been that trying to form a partnership never seems to get of the ground and before too long, the dream of ownership fades. The AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program has the solution. Not just information and best practices about how to form a partnership, but access to Internet-based tools to identify and match partners.


Secure Partner Search Service
Finding suitable partners is perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome. The web-based solution provides a secure environment where interested parties can post partnership profiles to search for and be found by others interested in forming a partnership. Members can conduct searches for suitable partners based on location, budget, flying experience, type of aircraft and more.


The AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program was founded by pilots to serve the needs of pilots who aspire to aircraft ownership. The tools created by the Association work for any aircraft type (new, pre-owned or currently owned), work for any number of partners and work in any location where two or more like-minded pilots make a connection.


Visit today to learn more about connecting with pilots who want to reduce the cost of flying and make the dream of aircraft ownership a reality through co-ownership.