Purchasing a new aircraft involves much more than simply narrowing the field of dozens of fine products to the one that both quickens your pulse and meets your mission criteria. Based on your flying experience, some aircraft may be less expensive to insure than others. If you intend to use your aircraft as a tool to grow your business, there may be beneficial tax considerations. Or, depending on how long you plan to keep your aircraft before transitioning to an aircraft with even greater performance, you may want to consider a variety of short-term versus long-term finance options.


This is exactly why Parade of Pistons enlisted the support of the most knowledgeable and well-respected tax, finance and insurance professionals in the industry - to assist you, the piston aircraft consumer. Collectively the Buyers' Resources team can answer all of the questions that invariably arise during the purchase process that are not aircraft related. And perhaps most important is the idea that they will likely save you money during your aircraft ownership experience.


Even if you're already an aircraft owner who needs to sell your current aircraft before you can order a new one, Parade of Pistons has selected a Buyers' Resource with you in mind. Our trusted aircraft broker will help you determine a fair market value for both seller and buyer. Plus, their innovative tools like On Line Logbooks™ are an asset to both parties.


Use these links to learn more about the issues, then contact the professionals whom we endorse as our Buyers' Resources.